Oklahoma City Airport Guide to Oklahoma City Airport (OKC)

Oklahoma City Airport Transportation

Please note that Oklahoma City Airport hasn’t any mean of public transportation available since it isn’t connected to the public bus transportation system.

Even the fact mentioned above, Oklahoma City Airport Transportation counts with shuttle services and taxi to not only get to downtown Oklahoma, also to other destinations within the region.

If you wish to know more about Oklahoma City Airport Ground Transportation, we ought you to keep reading:

Bus / Shuttle

Oklahoma City Airport is not served by the public bus transportation system, although further options are available.

Take a look at the Oklahoma City Airport Bus section for more details.

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Taxi is without a doubt the fastest transportation option from and to Oklahoma City Airport, since you can get within 20 minutes to downtown Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City Airport taxi service cabs can be found in the Transportation Plaza, at the lower level of the main terminal. 

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Car rental

If you wish to explore Oklahoma City region by your own means, Oklahoma City Airport car rental is the recommended option for you.

Rental car companies at Oklahoma Airport are located at the car rental center. Given that it is located a little bit far from the main terminal, there is a special shuttle bus service straight to there that departs every 3-4 minutes.

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