Oklahoma City Airport Guide to Oklahoma City Airport (OKC)

Oklahoma City Airport Terminal

Oklahoma City Airport consists of a single passenger terminal.

Nowadays, it hosts both domestic and regional flights, carried out by three major airlines. It is expected that in the future the airport will also serve international services, that is in part why the terminal of Oklahoma City Airport is going under an expansion, aside of adding modern facilities regarding passenger processing.

Present & future

Given the increasing passenger number at Oklahoma City Airport Terminal and to be able to host more passengers per hour, there’s an ongoing expansion regarding the terminal facilities that include new concessions, streamlined security checkpoint and public observation gallery, among other facilities to be able to host international air services someday.

It is expected that the expansion will begin by 2019. 


Oklahoma City Airport Terminal consists of a couple of levels as described below:

Lower level:

Find here Arrivals and the baggage claim area.

There are 5 airline carrousels: Delta (1), Frontier / Allegiant / ViaAir (2), Southwest (3), American (4), Alaska / United (5), and United (6).

Services: Food, drink and retail concessions, baggage offices, escalators and elevators, restrooms, vending machines, phones, pet relief area, US mail box, information counters, conference room and Secure Staff.

Find facing the level the passenger pick-up and also the ground transportation options (taxi, shuttle and the car rental bus).

Upper level:

This is the Departures level. Find here boarding gates 1-24.

The upper level is served by the airlines: Alaska, Allegiant, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, United and ViaAir.

Services: Food, drink and retail concessions, ATMs, escalators and elevators, information counter, nursery, shoe shine, ticket counters, YMCA Military Welcome Center, restrooms and Pet Relief Area.

Flight status

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Oklahoma City Airport Terminal is wide equipped with the services attached below:

- ATMs
- Free Wi-Fi connection
- Food, drink and retail concessions
- Duty free stores
- Baggage offices
- Restrooms
- Vending machines
- Phones
- Pet relief area
- US mail box
- Information counters
- Conference rooms
- Nursery
- Shoe shine
- Ticket counters
- Pet relief area
- YMCA Military Welcome Center
- Post office
- Traveller’s Aid

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YMCA Military Welcome Center stands for a lounge for military and their families use only equipped with all needed: Refreshments, food, free Wi-Fi, games, TV, etc.

Location: Although it is not located directly in the airport terminal, it can be found at the Bay O of the cargo terminal, really close to the Baggage claim area.

Service hours: Monday to Friday, from 09:00 am to 11:00 pm, Saturday to Sunday, from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm.